Société is an inspirational community, a cultural and fashion movement: an upcoming creative Central European initiative to drive a new era in the contemporary world. It’s the New Generation of Central Europe – a community of dedicated people, ready to create and embrace fascinating experiences. Société House offers club events, fashion shows, auctions, interactive contemporary exhibitions and workshops run by the most innovative and successful minds in their fields.

Société House is a 19th century residential building erected in 1865 in the heart of Budapest. Based on Karoly Gerster’s plans, it’s been a city heritage since 1955. Now, the house will be transformed into an inspiring space on 3500 sq. meters in the neighbourhood of the St. Stephen’s Basilica.


Société Incubator Program is a flagship Société initiative, fostering and supporting most promising talents of the Central European fashion scene. After months of research and consultations, Société team came up with a format that will help selected designers grow and sustain their businesses on international markets. It starts with designers pointing out their goals and, based on their objectives, pairing them up with mentors to help with everything from writing their business plans, helping to understand financial statements, how to build their retail exposure and relationships as well as work with the media.


Zoltán Varga


Private investor and philanthropist, devoting his time and resources to support cultural projects like Budapest Festival Orchestra as well as those that assist less privileged members of Hungarian Society like Bator Tabor Foundation and Mosoly Otthon Foundation. He believes fashion and arts have their universal languages therefore SOCIÉTÉ is exceeding Hungarian boarders to promote the regional creativity abroad.

Erika Lajkó


Martyna Panczak

Head of SOCIÉTÉ Fashion

Zoltán Kálóczy

Head of SOCIÉTÉ Art & Community

Lily Ravas

International business development

Ali Tóth

Art director

Tímea Lipták

Advisory board, PR&Media expert

Mónika Szántó

Advisory board, B2B Communication expert

Iván Kepecs

Advisory board, Online media expert

Balázs Csapody

Gastronomy advisor


No open positions currently


1051 Budapest, Sas utca 15.


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